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Can’t Sleep? A CBT-i Group Can Help

Uprise Psychology & Wellness’ is running our first ever CBT-i group. This evidence-based treatment is focused on helping people who struggle with chronic insomnia without medication and is designed to help you change behaviours (sleep habits, sleep schedules) as well as thoughts and beliefs (worries about sleeplessness and its consequences) that contribute insomnia. 

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Uprise Psychology & Wellness’ team of mental health professionals provide psychological and wellness services to those looking to come out of difficult moments, reconnect with themselves and build happier lives.

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We offer a range of different psychological and wellness services, both in individual and group formats. We have experience helping people with diverse needs, including eating disorders, perinatal mental health, anxiety and depression.

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Stress: How to Complete the Cycle

Stress: How to Complete the Cycle

Ever notice how difficult it is to “chill” after having gone through a stressful period? Maybe you find yourself still biting your nails even after your exam is done. Maybe you had a stressful altercation with your best friend, and even though you made up, you still...

Living with Perfectionism

Living with Perfectionism

Have you ever been considered a perfectionist by others? Maybe it was a family member, friend, or co-worker? Perhaps you clicked on this blog post because you consider yourself a perfectionist. But what exactly does it mean to be a perfectionist and how do you define...

Why Do I Feel So Anxious?

Why Do I Feel So Anxious?

Do you know the feeling of uncertainty? You know, that uneasy feeling you get in your stomach that you can't seem to shake off. Well, feeling anxious is entirely normal! Sometimes it can be a sign of something more serious, but other times it isn’t. While being...

Tips to Improve Your Habits

Tips to Improve Your Habits

  Everyone has habits, whether they are helpful, unhelpful, or just neutral. Without habits, doing everyday things would be a lot more difficult. For example, as you go to work often, you form the habit of taking the same route. It makes it easier to know where...

Mental Health Challenges in University

Mental Health Challenges in University

  In the last few years, increased attention has been set on university students' mental health struggles. With the rising rates of anxiety and depression (Howard et al., 2021; Linden et al., 2021), overflowing university counselling centers as well as suicide...

Turning FOMO into Quality Alone Time

Turning FOMO into Quality Alone Time

Picture yourself sitting on your couch on a Saturday night, snuggled under your favourite blanket with a movie and a bowl of popcorn. You’re perfectly content, that is, until you open the Instagram app. Before you know it, you’re scrolling through endless pictures and...

Tips for Navigating “Hot Girl Summer”

Tips for Navigating “Hot Girl Summer”

It’s that time of year, the sun is sticking around later in the evening and the beach is now flooded with people playing spikeball. It is officially Hot Girl Summer! There’s a chance that you’ve heard of hot girl summer. This saying came into our public consciousness...

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